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What to expect from your first pole dance class?

Taking pole dancing classes is great for many reasons. Not only does it provide your body with the ultimate workout, but it also gives you the opportunity to get completely in-tune with your body and feel super sexy doing so! Whether you’ve been thinking about trying out pole dancing for fitness or fun and you’re not too sure what to expect from your first class, fear not, we’ve got the scoop for you!

First and foremost – why go to a pole dance class?

Pole dancing is a sport that combines many different forms of exercise. Not only does it allow you an opportunity to work on your flexibility and balance, but it also combines strength and endurance training as well as a solid cardio session. Your body is constantly moving when you are pole dancing, so every single muscle in your body is getting a workout when you are doing it. Not only that, but it’s fun! Many women who go to pole dancing classes say that the reason they first popped on their booty shorts and owned that pole is that they were looking for a new, fun approach to working out and wanted to break the shackles of a monotonous gym environment.

What should you know before walking in?

Whatever your height, weight, size or level of skill, pole dancing is a fitness activity that is inclusive of all body types. You might initially feel uncomfortable with the amount of flesh you’re going to see when you first enter the studio, but just let that meltaway! Everyone is there for the same reason, to exercise, have fun and feel sexy doing so! So when you set foot in the workout space, know that you are walking into a fun, friendly and truly empowering fitness class. Oh, and don’t moisturize your legs before going to a pole dance class, I’ll explain why not to do that in a bit! Oh, and don’t worry about not having any previous dancing experience. As someone with two left feet, I can personally vouch for the fact that a lack of dance history will not hold you back!

What sort of class should I book on to?

There are different types of pole dancing classes, and these are often based on skill level. If you have never even seen someone do a pole dance let-alone partaken in a class before, you’re going to want to book on to an ‘absolute beginners’ class. This will ensure that the session moves at an ideal speed for you and you won’t feel daunted by those who have more experience doing it. Remember, everyone needs to start somewhere! Some studios will run a ‘beginners-intermediate’ session which means that it’s a mixed level class. Whilst these are an option for newbies to attend, do bear in mind that these groups are often bigger, will have less poles to go around and will often contain advanced pole dancing students. So if you’re wanting a complete entry-level class with other pole dancing virgins, I’d recommend that you stick with an absolute beginners class.

How long will the class be?

The average beginner’s pole dancing class will last an hour. Studios will often hold mixed-abilities classes which are longer. In these, there will be more students and less poles, so if you’re a pole dancing newbie who wants to get stuck in, stick with the smaller beginner’s classes for now so you can take the most away from the session!

What should you wear?

First and foremost, you want to feel as comfortable and confident as you can when you are working out, especially if you are doing something that is a little more ‘out-there’ like a pole dancing class. However, it is recommended by pole dance teachers that you wear something along the lines of shorts and tank top or sports bra. And when I’m talking shorts, I’m meaning short shorts. This is purely so that you have enough skin exposed when you’re making contact with the pole so you’re able to pull off your moves in the easiest way and work your way up and down the pole. This is where the not moisturising comes in to play! The oiler your body is, the less control you’re going to have when you’re on the pole. So if you’ve moisturised your freshly shaven legs at the beginning of your class, I can guarantee you, you’re going to be slippin’ and sliding everywhere.

What will you be doing?

Like all group fitness classes, the session will start with a warm-up. This is often made up of a combination of Pilates and yoga-inspired stretches to well and truly limber up your body and get it ready for the pole dancing! The pole is often also used as an apparatus for conditioning the body during the class. After the warm-up, the teaching will begin! Beginners classes are often taught in smaller groups, which means there will most likely be one pole per person. This means that unlike larger classes with mixed abilities, you’re not waiting around for a pole to use at any point and you can really get stuck in to your new exercise! The thing to remember is that you need to walk before you can run. Don’t worry, during your first pole class, your instructor won’t be expecting you to do inversions or anything too complex! Instead, you’ll probably spend time working on spins or something similar to ease you in to the art of pole dancing.

How will I feel afterwards?

I’d be lying if I told you weren’t going to ache after your first time at a pole dancing class. Your arms will feel tired, your legs will quite possibly have one or two bruises on them, but you will feel great! Your body would well and truly have had an epic work out and you would have done it all with a smile on your face in a fun and friendly environment. The aches will ease up after a day or two, and you’ll be ready to get stuck into your next class!

So, if you’ve been thinking on and off about giving pole dancing classes a go, my advice would be get out there and do it! Not only is it an incredibly effective workout, but it is also a great opportunity to get in tune with your beautiful body and feel super sexy!

Have you recently given pole a go? Let us know in the comments section how it went, and share your experiences with the rest of the Axotca family.

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