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What is Tantra Yoga?

Understanding the world of tantra yoga

Let’s try to explore and understand the wonderful world of the tantric tradition. Tantra teachings are 7000 years old and they represent a system that can help you transform your consciousness in order to obtain a blissful state. Tantric practices are way of developing your inner consciousness by using the 8 limbs of Astaunga Yoga: Yama, Niyama, Asanas, Dharana, Pratyahara, Pranayama, Dhyana and Samadhi. Tantra includes many practices, such as meditations, postures, breathing exercises.

The word “tantra” means: tan = expansion and tra = liberation. Tantra is a Sanskrit word that can be translated as “loom, weave”. Through these practices you gradually expand your consciousness in order to obtain liberation by connecting your own consciousness to the infinite and universal one. It creates a technology through which you are being able to raise and use your energy to make higher things possible for yourself.

Why tantra is so powerful?

Tanta includes all aspects of the spiritual evolution, but I will focus in this article mainly on the sexual aspect. Tantra considers everything to be sacred, including sexuality. While through different yoga practices you need to rise above your needs and fight to achieve a higher level of spiritual evolution, through tantra yoga you accept your physical needs, indulge in them and manage to control them and use them in your spiritual journey. Tantra claims that you don’t need to kill who you are, in order for your higher self to bloom. You should work with nature and really get to a point where you accept and love yourself. Our sexual energy is one of the most powerful forces we own so we should use it and not fight to ignore it.

Intimacy is much more than two bodies touching. A true orgasmic experience can only be obtained by the touch of our energies and spirits. That union will bring bliss, without the need of a sexual union as we know it. Our body actually has three important parts: the physical body, the mental body and the energy body. So tantra tries to include in the practices all of them in order to overcome our limitations and experience more evolved states of being. Each body is considered to be a sacred temple, a universe in itself.

The sexual energy is related to the sexual chakra and if you manage to balance that energy, your whole body will benefit from it. Energy is not good or bad. The way we use our energy determines the direction of its power. The way we usually use our sexual energy doesn’t help us evolve and makes us weak. Through tantra you don’t fight your sexual energy but you go through it and you manage to transcend it.

The two main goals of tantra yoga that relate to your sexuality are: balancing the energies of your chakras and auras and also creating a deep awareness and connection between you and your partner. Exploring your bodies and minds through tantra yoga will surely create beautiful, intimate moments for both.

How to practice tantra yoga

If you want to practice tantra yoga with your partner you should focus on the following aspects:

  • Do some research in order to fully understand what tantra yoga implies so you make sure you practice it correctly.
  • Discuss this with your partner. Make sure he is interested and wants to invest time and energy in this with you so you avoid being disappointed by his lack of involvement in the future.
  • Try to make positive changes in your life overall. Take a look at your diet, sleep schedule, everyday activities, professional life, the people and energy you surround yourself with daily and contemplate what you could improve. All the positive energy you obtain through those changes will work together with the energy you cultivate through tantra yoga. This will increase the level of your quality of life.
  • Make a realistic plan. Try it out a couple of times and then plan a routine that you could be able to stick to. Discipline is important if you want to go down this path.
  • Keep in mind that timing is essential. In this beautiful journey on earth, things are not random, so tantra yoga will show up in your life at the right time. Even if you don’t practice it for a long time it will surely teach you something about yourself and your potential. But choose a suitable time to practice it, when you and your partner are relaxed and have a positive mood.
  • Try not to put any pressure on yourself or your partner. Try to relax and enjoy it in order to benefit from these practices fully.

While practicing tantra yoga, make sure you choose the right time and space for it. Here are some things to consider:

  • The room you will use should have the appropriate.
  • Use a cozy and clean mat or blanket.
  • Make sure you have enough free time. Avoid any factors that might distract you. Nobody should disturb you while practicing it.
  • You can practice it in silence or even use some meditation music.
  • The room should also smell nice. You can use some special candles for example.
  • You can practice the poses naked or wearing some comfortable clothes.

   Here are some tantra yoga poses you could start with:

  • Balasana – Child’s pose.
  • Natarajasana – Dancer’s pose.
  • Couples Tantra Meditation.
  • Bowing in front of your partner.
  • Dancer’s pose.
  • Hand to heart pose.
  • Virasana – Hero’s pose.
  • Vrksasana – Tree pose.
  • Ustrasana – Camel’s pose.

Don’t forget that tantra yoga is more than managing to do the poses correctly. It’s about being able to relax, about creating awareness and a real connection with your partner, about appreciating and fully enjoying all the beauty it gradually reveals. You will be surprised to see that in time, by practicing tantra yoga your sex life will be more fulfilling and your relationship will bloom in unsuspected ways. Your entire relationship will benefit from this new found connection that you nourish through tantra yoga.

Tantra helps you achieve a higher level of sexual satisfaction but it can bring much more than that. It also has multiple benefits like health improvement and higher energy levels. The beautiful things is that synchronicities will appear in your life more often since you begin to connect to your true self and the beautiful energy that’s within you and that forms this entire universe.

About the Author: Adriana

I have a Psychology degree, an International Relations and European Studies degree and also a Business Management degree. I have an MS degree in Human Resources and an MS degree in Clinical Psychology. I studied psychodrama for one year and have an EMDR diploma. So my field of interest is psychology and I strive to be a great psychologist and therapist for the rest of my life.

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