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A guide to the 7 best Nudist Beaches in Gran Canaria

The Canary Islands are known for being outstandingly beautiful, and Gran Canaria is no exception. With stunning wildlife, a climate that’s to die for and incredible beaches, it’s a nudist’s dream!

From popular local hotspots to beautiful tucked-away havens of sand and sea, you’ll find it all on this island. So, if you’ve booked yourself a holiday already, or you’re planning your travels to this sunny getaway, then check out our list of the seven best Nudist beaches in Gran Canaria.

Whether you’re used to dropping your bikini in sunnier surroundings already, or you’re taking a walk on the wild side for the first time, our list of the 7 best nude beaches in Gran Canaria will fill you with inspiration of where to visit during your time on the island. There’s cute and cosy coves, warm sandy beaches and everything in between.

So what’re you waiting for, read on, and drink in all of these destination hot spots!

Maspalomas Beach

Considered one of, if not, the most beautiful beach on the island, Maspalomas Beach really is a stunning sight. Divided into four areas, there’s something for everyone across this sandy dune, which is why it’s on our list.

Zones two and four of Maspalomas are the Nudist areas, and great for first-timers that’re branching out into the nudism world! With soft white sands to stretch across and warm, gentle waters to take a dip in, this destination ticks all of the boxes. Shaded areas on Maspalomas are few and far between, which means it’s perfect for you sun-worshipers out there who’re ready to top up their all over tan!

La Laja Beach

A well-known destination for nude beachgoers in Gran Canaria, La Laja, became infamous after a local naturist group staged a naked sit-in on its volcanic black sand beach. Up until that point, nudism was apparently not fully accepted on this particular site, so the group held their naked protest until the local authorities agreed that it was okay and left the troupe to it.

Since then, nudism is actively encouraged in this area, and its climate makes it perfect for just that! With gentle winds, cool waters and a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, whether you’re used to wandering freely, or you’ve just dropped the bikini bottoms for the first time, you’ll feel at ease.

La Laja - Nudist Beach Gran Canaria

Montana de Arena

Located at the base of a gorgeous golden sand dune, Montana de Arena is fast becoming one of the most popular and well-visited beaches on the island due to its peaceful surroundings.

A vast and open landscape, this spot is perfect for those that are wanting to soak up the sun and get that all over glow we all love so much. It’s also a rather tranquil setting, which has made it incredibly popular with tourist nudists, as you can experience the relaxing nude beach atmosphere without the busyness of far more popular and recognised nude beaches.

Medio Almud

If what you’re looking for is a beach for ultimate relaxation, then look no further, Medio Almud is the spot for you. A sheltered and calm sand and pebble beach located in the south-west of the island, this beach is perfect for nudists that wish to escape the hustle and bustle of busy beach areas and totally unwind.

It’s sheltered by two headlands of rock, so you really feel like you’re the only person there, and to be honest, you might be! Medio Almud sees minimal visitors during the week, so you could quite potentially be the only one topping up you’re tan there. It really is a hidden gem, popular with locals and completely undisturbed. Tranquillity and beauty, what more could you want?

El Confital Beach

Get to know the locals at this popular nudist spot situated directly opposite the famous Las Canteras Beach. Known locally as El Confi, this sandy haven is a protected area meaning that its beautiful nature will always remain the way it is, perfectly undisturbed.

Take cover from the sun in one of the beach’s caves to cool off, stretch out on the warm golden sands or wet your feet in one of the beaches rock pools, the choice is yours! This spot is popular among people from all walks of life and is a perfect destination for those that want to squeeze a little surfing time into their holiday as the waves are just right for it.

El Confital Beach nudist Beach Gran Canaria

Playa del Ingles

The resort of Playa del Ingles is well known for being a busy, atmospheric hub-bub of energy, and its title beach follows suit! If you’re looking for a beach where you can tick all of the boxes, then this destination is perfect for you.

Relax and soak up the hot sun on this stunning golden beach, or get involved with a game of beach volleyball that’s sure to be taking place. Near the tranquil dunes of Maspalomas, Playa del Ingles is similar to its neighbouring beach, however, it has a far more energetic feel compared to the cascading sandy plane of Maspalomas.  The centre section of the beach is completely nudist friendly, so that’s why it’s on our list!

Gran Canaria, Playa del Inglés beach

Playa de Aguadulce

Looking for a quiet, tranquil spot to bare all and relax? Well, look no further. Often referred to as the prettiest nudist-friendly spot on the island of Gran Canaria, this off-the-beaten-track beach is great for those who want some perfect, undisturbed me-time.

Set in 200m of a stunning nature reserve, this golden sand beach is deserted 90% of the time, so if you’re wanting to escape the typical tourist feel of nude beaches, set course to the town of Telde!

Due to the fact that Playa de Aguadulce can get quite windy most of the time, members of the nudist community that are visiting the beach tend to settle towards the eastern end of the beach near a small cliff formation. This provides some respite from the breeze but still allows you to reach enough sun to top up your tan! Very popular with locals, this peaceful location should definitely be on your list of spots to visit!

Playa Agua Dulce

So there you have it, our quickfire list of the seven best nudist beaches on the island of Gran Canaria. We love to hear your stories, so if you’ve visited one of the spots on our hit-list, share your experience with others in the comment section! Have we missed off one of your favourite locations? Tell us down below, and it might just be included on our next list.

Now go forth and enjoy yourself in all of these wonderful nudist locations, just don’t forget the sun cream!


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