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12 Facts About Female Orgasm

Female orgasm has always been a great mystery, something no one ever talks about. So, it comes as no surprise there is little known about it. Therefore, for all of you who have chosen not to ignore this tempting subject, here are 12 fascinating facts about female orgasms. Some of them are truly eye-opening! Don’t believe us? Take a look.

1. Ejaculation and orgasm aren’t the same

Everyone knows that men can ejaculate without orgasming and vice versa. But ejaculation isn’t only for men – women can experience it, as well. What is more interesting, scientists have found that the composition of male and female ejaculate is almost the same (except the sperm, of course).

2. Faking it can really help you make it

Most women have faked an orgasm at least once, but did you know you can actually benefit from that? Research has shown that women who fake an orgasm with a partner actually do it to make everything more enjoyable. Exaggerating during sex can really help you get into the right mindset where you’re reaching a true orgasm. So next time you don’t feel like making it, fool your body into thinking you’re enjoying the process much more.

3. Not All Orgasms Are The Same

There are actually four stages of orgasm – excitement, plateau, climax, and recovery – and you don’t necessarily go through all stages every time you reach an orgasm. Of course, the oh-so-glorious feeling is amazing, but not every single one has to be a mind-altering, passing out kind of orgasm! And don’t believe those grossly misleading movies.

4. Penetration Alone Has A Little Chance To Produce An Orgasm

If you guys are reading this, you should know that sticking the D in and moving it at different speeds is not going to make the woman come. Well, in rare cases it will but scientists say that over 70% of women don’t come from penetration alone.

For all the ladies out there, it is totally fine to be unable to reach orgasm when your boyfriend does nothing else but hump you. Try other forms of stimulation instead – for example, clit or labia stimulus. And ask your partner for more if you need more! It takes work for a woman to come, so don’t cut short because some guys are lazy.

5. The Clitoris And Penis Are Made Of The Same Stuff

The clitoris is homologous to the penis. In other words, they are made of the same materials! This fact explains how the clit is the powerhouse of a woman’s pleasure (just like the penis for men). The visible part of the clitoris is the corollary to the penis. The organ is exactly the same. Hence, this is why you often need clit stimulation to reach orgasm. Mystery solved!

6. Female Orgasm Can Provide Pain Relief

We all know about that near-constant mantra that some women say every evening, “I have a headache.” Well, maybe you should have sex tonight. Why? Multiple studies show that orgasm can help manage pain – including headaches, pain after surgery, pain during menstrual periods, and even pain during childbirth.

It happens because our bodies release a chemical ‘oxytocin’ during sex (and especially during orgasm). Oxytocin results in relaxation, bonding, and other positive emotions. Even though orgasms provide only short-term pain relief – around 30 minutes – even thinking about sex can help manage pain.

7. A Female’s Self-Esteem Can Significantly Affect The Quality Of Orgasms

Scientists have found that the way a woman feels about herself and her genitals is closely connected to the quality and frequency of her orgasms. Luckily, for those ladies who aren’t confident about their vaginas, there is no perfect vagina type. They are all different. So, as long as you don’t have any medical problems and don’t feel pain in your vagina, you can consider yourself 100% normal.

Increase your confidence and your orgasm potential will skyrocket! It is important to treat yourself as you want others to treat you. So next time you don’t feel confident, send yourself positive messages about your body. Or you can pull out a mirror and take a look! Getting to know your body parts is a great way to feel confident.

8. For Females, It Takes Longer To Reach An Orgasm

If it takes longer for you to climax than your male partner does, it is perfectly normal. In fact, statistics show that most women need 20 minutes or longer of sexual activity to reach orgasm. And if your partner often reaches orgasm sooner than you, there are ways to slow him down. For example, firm pressure around the base of the penis can really help. At the end of the day, women can’t do anything about the time it takes to reach an orgasm, but there are plenty of simple techniques for men to prolong ejaculation.

9. Women Can Have Many Types Of Orgasms

Ladies don’t need anything in their vagina to reach orgasm. On the other hand, all male orgasms involve a penis going into something. But females can have clitoral orgasms, nipple orgasms, and penetrative orgasms, to name a few. Mind-blowing, right? It’s like guys can only order soda at the restaurant (and soda is delicious, we know) and ladies can choose between different drinks.

10. Women Can Reach Orgasms While Exercise

And there is even a name for it – coregasms. More and more studies prove that coregasms are a real thing and many females have had at least one. Even better, core exercises aren’t the only activity that can lead to the orgasm – women have also admitted orgasms during yoga, weight lifting, running, and more.

11. It Is Still Unknown Why Females Have Orgasms In The First Place

There are plenty of theories why females have orgasms, but none of them is scientifically proven. Some of the theories say that pleasure is necessary to keep women wanting sex and therefore reproducing. Another theory states that orgasms help propel sperm, increasing chances for fertilization. And many scientists believe it is just for fun.

12. Sometimes, Females Can Have Orgasms And Not Even Know It

As we said before, not every single orgasm is an earth-shattering event. Thus, sometimes females have a subtle, tingling sensation rather than fireworks. Moreover, sometimes you may not even know you just had an orgasm! Scientists say that if you have a sudden sense of release and feelings of relaxation, you’ve probably reached a subtle orgasm.

While female orgasms are still a subject of many myths and beliefs, we hope these 12 facts unveiled some of the mystery behind the phenomenon.

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