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The 10 Best Erotic Museums Around the World

Expand your sexual knowledge by taking a trip to any of these world renowned museums solely and exclusively dedicated to sex.

You may relate museums to grand spaces full of art and history, home to the academic and the touristy, but the truth is that these places can be a lot more unorthodox than you can imagine, especially if the main subject of attraction in theses galleries turns out to be sex. Yes, your next holiday trip can be full of as much sexual history, artifacts, imagery and even toys as you never thought possible by visiting any of the 10 best erotic museums of the world.

From giant penis formations in Reykjavik to Virtual Reality experiences in Manhattan, and whether you visit them out of curiosity, a few laughs, or even to get some ideas to take home to your partner, you can’t deny that these end up being some of the most interesting experiences to tell everyone about back home. These museums are here to satisfy your thirst for the new and the weird, so don’t think twice about it and check out these sweet spots.

1)   Erotic Heritage Museum, Las Vegas

We can’t really start a sexual history tour without first stopping in Las Vegas, can we? Sin City is home to one of the richest and most interesting sex museums in the world, with the Erotic Heritage Museum housing up to 1500 years on the history of sex, pleasure and contraception.

Yes, it may be all about sex, but you’ll notice that this place really did its job when it comes to documenting, archiving and exposing the sexual practices of everything and everyone around the world, from the citizens of Pompeii to the heads of the Third Reich, proving once more how sex is an instrument of power. You’ll leave this place feeling educated, empowered in your knowledge, and certainly a bit turned on. 

2)   Sexmuseum Amsterdam Venustemple

Next stop, Amsterdam. As one of the most liberal cities in the world thanks to its legalized prostitution and drug use, sex museums are, of course, a must in your tour when visiting the Netherlands. Heralding the city’s long history of sexual practices is the aptly named Venustemple, or the Temple of Venus, which houses a truly impressive variety of pictures, sculptures, life-sized models, and imagery, with entire walls covered in pornographic illustrations and explicit works of art that appeal to more than just the imagination.

Here, you can find a real sized model of Marilyn Monroe in the middle of one of her sexiest and most memorable scenes, walk through an entire hall dedicated to the Marquis de Sade, or explore Cleopatra’s legendary shenanigans with the Roman army. So, once you’re done checking out Amsterdams most iconic and historic sights and want to take a look at something a bit more unconventional, consider booking a visit to this temple.

3)   Museum of Sex, Manhattan

Anyone who tells you New York isn’t one of the sexiest cities in the world is an outright liar, and if you’re looking to prove them wrong, just book them a visit to MoSex, Manhattan’s very own sex museum, where you can go if you’re feeling up for some impressive sexual history or for some truly fun exhibits.

In true New York fashion, this museum houses an equal amount of some of the world’s most important artistic contributions, such as paintings by Picasso and Bill Bernstein’s iconic photographs, and the most state of the art sensory exhibitions, like an interactive virtual reality session were you end up being more than just a passive observant.

4)   Icelandic Phallological Museum, Reykjavik

This Reykjavik based museum is the Promised Land for all those with a phallic fixation, with a collection of over 280 penises and male genital parts exposed for your viewing pleasure.

This family owned museum was founded in 1997 and has since become the most extensive assortment of penile parts in the world, mainly from all sorts of animal species and even some allegedly belonging to fairytale creatures, so keep in mind before stepping in that you’re in for a mostly educational experience that answers to both the academic and the curious.

5)   L’Erótica Museum, Barcelona

This museum is placed in the heart of Barcelona, one of Europe’s most culturally rich cities, and this exquisite place is nothing but a reflection of that. Focusing more in the importance and influence of sex throughout history, from Greece and Rome to the early 20th century, a tour through this museum is an interesting and spicy complement to the amazing cocktail of art and culture you’ll get when walking around this city.

Combining archeology, literature and anthropology to get a wonderfully complete picture of eroticism, this building is filled with over 800 pieces of sexual history that cover ancient Asia and Europe, all displayed in sensuous exhibits that stimulate both academic and aesthetic purposes.

6)   Erotic Art Museum, Hamburg

If you find yourself in Hamburg looking for good sights, and even maybe a few drinks along the way, then the Erotic Art Museum is for you. This establishment feels less like a museum and more like a very chill, very chic bar gallery, except for, you know, all the porn and sex toys littering every surface.

This particular museum leans more towards modern art and erotic photography than sex history and documentation, making it a niche spot for artists, exhibits, and local cultural gatherings where you can feel the artistic influence of the city gathering in one very sensual place.

7)   World Erotic Art Museum, Miami

Miami owns its rightful place as one of the most fun and attractive cities in the world, but what makes it even better is that it is home to its very own erotic museum, where you can find some of the finest pieces of erotic art, photography and sculpture, all impeccably displayed.

What is most seductive about this museum has to be how it portrays sex as an important artistic influence across cultures form all over the world, be it Hindi, African, or Chinese, showcasing each piece in its own light and giving you the chance to appreciate sex in a whole new point of view.

8)   Sex Machines Museum, Prague

Think of a medieval carnival that meets a modern day sex shop and you have the Sex Machines Museum of Prague, where you can walk through entire halls and rooms of the most imaginative sex toys of known history.

If you ever thought that the sexual lives of 19th century dwellers must have been boring, you’re going to have to think again when you take a look at their voyeuristic chamber pots and steam powered vibrators, which are displayed along with innumerable other sex tools presented in their 300 exhibits.

9)   Erotic Renaissance Wax Museum, Hungary

Wax will always have a special place among the kinkiest sexual practices, and one proof of that is this Hungarian erotic museum entirely dedicated to medieval themed wax figures caught in the most compromising of positions.

More of a testament to wax sculpting skills than to sexual history in itself, you’ll be fascinated by the realness of these figures, from the texture of their skin to the looks of their genitals. As all figures are donned in Renaissance costumes, you’ll feel like you just walked into a 14th century orgy in the heart of Italy.

10)   Erotic Museum, Amsterdam

Located in the heart of the Red Light District, we take you back to Amsterdam and into this ode to the legacy of sex throughout this city. A three story building dedicated to the history of sex, pornography and prostitution, the Erotic Museum of Amsterdam gathers a wide collection of wax figures, imagery and even an interesting set of lithographs of John Lennon as you’ve never seen him before.

This entire museum shows you a particular view from inside of one the most sex centric cities in the world, and the best part is that it even counts with a souvenir shop if want to take a piece of this particular part of Amsterdam home.


So there you have it, a complete bucket list of erotic museums around the world to visit and satisfy even the kinkiest of your curiosities. Which one are you most interested in? Have you visited any of these yourself? Let us know below if we missed any erotic landmarks to visit on our next holiday that will encourage people to experience sex on a whole different level.

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