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Sexy Halloween Costumes – Sophisticated Remix

For the majority of us women, October is the only time of year we’re able to dress up like sexy little vixens with very little judgment from the outside world. And if we are judged that’s the one time we rarely give a damn. That being said, sexy Halloween costumes typically come in “one size fits all” sizing models and leaves VERY LITTLE to the imagination. That’s a problem. This year, with a little creativity and out-of-box thinking, it is possible to recreate five of the most popular sexy Halloween character looks with everyday wardrobe items that are flattering for every age and body type.

Sexy Halloween Costume: Naughty Nun

Sexy Halloween Costume Naughty Nun

Yes, dressing as a nun usually means you have two dress options, the scary/evil or super sleazy nunnery attire. If either of those choices does it for you the best way to recreate a sexy nun’s costume would be to raid your closet for a figure-hugging black knee-length dress. Pair the dress with elegant black heels and pick up a Catholic style Habit Hood and rosary necklace to complete the look.

Sexy Halloween Costume: Night Nurse

Sexy Halloween Costume Night Nurse

The Naughty Nurse look has been a Halloween staple costume since the dark ages it seems. If the tight white spandex versions of nurse costumes in stores would make you feel everything but confident while wearing them, opt for a form-fitting white button down dress like the one pictured above. Add tradition nurse costume elements like a nurse’s hat, a stethoscope, and for sex appeal, you can’t go wrong with stylish red pumps.

Sexy Halloween Costume: Sexy Schoolgirl

Sexy Halloween Costume Sexy Schoolgirl

To recreates the quintessential Sexy Schoolgirl Halloween getup, you’ll have to incorporate a plaid pattern somewhere in your attire. The most common scholarly plaid color palettes usually use red or blue, but a forest green plaid, black, and white color combination elevates this outfit to an even higher level of sophistication. Don’t forget to add a sleek miniature backpack purse, oversized square glasses, and platform heels!

Sexy Halloween Costume: Lady Leopard

Instead of dressing as a sexy bunny for Halloween, we challenge you to tap into your inner wildcat fierceness by dressing as a sultry lady leopard. You’ll want to gravitate towards another body-hugging black dress, preferably one with a turtleneck collar to keep you warm on a brisk Halloween night. Shop Amazon for the above Rhinestone Statement Choker reminiscent of a traditional cat collar, and you can match a pair of leopard print heels with your glamours cat ears. Psst, it’s okay to forego the obvious cattail.

Sexy Halloween Costume: Black Magic Witch

Sexy Halloween Costume Black Magic Witch

When it comes to wearing sexy Halloween costumes for women, there’s always the option of dressing as a witch. If you’re feeling especially bold, go full-on glam with head-to-toe black velvet ensembles. A long velvet cape would be the perfect backdrop to a sexy black bodysuit and creepy jeweled spider necklace. You can slip a skirt over the bodysuit bottom or wear it as is with black fishnet stockings or shears to keep your legs warm. Over the knee velvet boots and a supernatural-looking wand adds the finishing witchy-poo touch.

The best part about all of the sexy costumes above is you can wear them anytime, unlike a store bought outfit that’s good one night out of the year. All of the clothing highlighted flatters all body types, and they aren’t so revealing that you’d half naked in front of a bunch of strangers. So no matter your age or size, Halloween is the one night where we’re allowed to be whoever or whatever we want. Permit yourself to be that mysterious bad girl your alter ego always wanted you to be!


About the Author: Amanda Sovago-Royal

Amanda Sovago-Royal
Amanda is a Sex-Positive Blogger, Vlogger, and Professional Adult Novelties Reviewer for DirtyMilfNextDoor, a Youtube channel & sex blog she created to shamelessly discuss the realities of Sex, Kink and Relationships for the millennial woman. You can follow her work by subscribing to her YouTube Channel, and following her on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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