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7 Erotic Activities for Couples to do in Amsterdam

The Netherlands are known worldwide for windmills, cheese and the liberal view on drugs and sex. The promise of legal marihuana and prostitution draws millions of tourists to the streets of Amsterdam every year. This might not make it the most obvious choice for a romantic vacation, but there is much more to Amsterdam than meets the lusty eye.

Although many proprietors have made a business out of sex, and we don’t just mean the working girls. In fact, Amsterdam offers much more than the obvious delights of the Red Light District. Behind the red glow lies an exciting world of sensuality and seduction for you to discover. These 7 erotic things for couples to do in Amsterdam ensure a steamy getaway for you and your partner.

Pamper yourself at Sauna Deco

Saunas in the Netherlands are a nude and co-ed affair, but by no means tasteless. The Deco Sauna in the center of Amsterdam offers a luxurious day of relaxation and wellness. The beautiful art deco interior of the spa and the array of beauty treatments, massages, sauna, and wellness bath promise a lovely day of pampering that will make you feel beautiful, sexy and confident.

Get a Couples Tantra Massage

Instead of a regular couples massage, why not try a Tantra Massage? Aside from a relaxing massage, the aim of tantra is to help the body recharge sexual energy. The massage will aid the flow of energy through your body at a physical and spiritual level. The tantra couples massage is a sensual and romantic experience that will make you connect to your partner in a shared state of relaxation and bliss.

Pose for a sexy Boudoir shoot

There is nothing better to extend that feeling of body confidence and glamour than with a boudoir photo shoot. Dolfina Photography includes hair styling and make-up in the experience. Dolly is an experienced boudoir photographer who will help you feel and look your sexiest. Those beautiful, sultry photos make for a perfect gift for your partner and make you feel like the goddess you are.

Enjoy dinner and a Burlesque show

Amsterdams Red Light District houses several clubs that offer live sex shows and peep shows. But for those that want a more glamorous and erotic experience, there is burlesque. Burlesque is a sexy combination of striptease and dancing, often with a 40’s aesthetic. At Restaurant Burlesque they offer dinner and a show, a burlesque show that is. While you enjoy the excellent food the dancers on stage entertain you with a whirlwind of feathers, sequins, and skin that is sure to tickle the senses. The stunning vintage interior creates an intimate and romantic atmosphere. Dinner shows start at 19.30 and reservations are mandatory. After 23.00 the restaurant turns into a nightclub where you try out some of your own moves on the dancefloor.

Take a private Striptease lesson

The burlesque show is sure to inspire you to try your hand at a few moves of your own. A sexy striptease can really spice things up in the bedroom. At Beauty and a Show you can book a private lesson with one of their experienced teachers. All session are made completely to your wishes and comfort level and include refreshments for a full luxury experience. From walking confidently in high heels to a heart-pounding lap dance, a private lesson will help you feel sexy, desirable and teach you a new trick or two.

Visit the world oldest Sex Museum

Of course, a trip to the Red Light District is not to be missed on any visit to Amsterdam. Watch the ladies strut their stuff behind the famous windows of De Wallen. If you are interested in learning more about the history of sex, beauty, and desire, a quick visit to the Venus Temple will be of help. The oldest sex museum in the world is small and quirky, with a curious array of pictures and props, but certainly worth the 5 euro entrance fee. It’s even on our list of best sex museums in the world.

Get a sexy souvenir from the Adult shop

The collection of the Venus Temple is limited, but the adult stores in Amsterdam are not. Forego the big franchises like Christine le Duc and opt for an independent shop instead. Webers Holland sells unique designer lingerie and clothing from burlesque outfits to leather and kink. Founded in 1995 by designer Desiree Weber, everything in the store is from her own collection and the friendly staff will be more than happy to find something that suits your taste. For toys and accessories, head to the Red Rose. They store every toy imaginable, so you are sure to find the perfect naughty souvenir to take home from Amsterdam.


There you have it, the perfect itinerary for a sexy trip to Amsterdam. These seven erotic activities for couples are sure to get you all fired up if you know what we mean. Every place has your comfort and fun in mind so that you can feel your sexiest self. So, why not spoil yourself and spice up your sex life by visiting a few of the places on this list. And if you are looking for even more options, check out our complete directory of sexy activities in Amsterdam.

What do you think, did these suggestions get you excited to plan a getaway for you and your partner? Or did we miss your favorite erotic spot in Amsterdam? Let us know in the comments and share it with your friends and lover(s).


About the Author: Sophie Van Der Meulen

Sophie Van Der Meulen
Sophie is a freelance writer from the Netherlands. Since obtaining her MA in Linguistics, she has quit her day job to travel the world. Now she explores the globe, while working from wherever she finds an internet connection. She writes about the things that are close to her heart: travel, food, culture and lifestyle. Visit her website www.sophievdmeulen.com for more information.

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