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5 Ways to Make Safe Sex Super Hot

So, condoms. Not the most inspiring term when it comes to super hot sex. In fact, a lot of people seem to consider them a real annoyance and will even forgo using them to avoid ‘ruining the moment’ when it comes to getting down. But condoms are an essential item, especially for those that are new in a relationship, or those in an open relationship. They prevent pregnancies and the spread of STIs, and an extra bonus is that they make clean up nice and easy too. Condoms are a barrier to pregnancy and STIs, not a barrier to pleasure.

Safety is sexy

Safety is sexy. Why? It all really comes down to confidence. Just knowing that you are protected means that you can spend your time focusing on and enjoying each others bodies experiencing all the sensations of your body rather than worrying about the fact that you should probably be wearing a condom… but you’re not. And that might mean a dash to the chemist in the morning or another checkup at your clinic. There it goes. Your brain is already wandering off to that nagging rather than just enjoying the moment. Let’s face it. Present sex is sexy. Nagging is not. And no, a condom is not going to reduce the sensation that either of you feels so long as you have the right type for you. So stop thinking of safe sex as a buzzkill and check out these tips for making safe sex super hot.

Size is everything

The key to comfort, safety, and pleasure during sex is using a condom that fits. Many people don’t realise this, but the easiest way to make condoms super sexy and enjoyable is to make sure you have the correct size. The better the fit, the less either of you will feel it and the more like life (or bareback) the whole experience is going to feel. Condoms are no longer a product with a one size fits all approach. There are three main condom sizes: snug, regular or large, but there are a few brands about now that also do a whole lot of sizes in between to get the fit exactly right. It pays to try a few and find out what size is right for you. As, if a condom is too small it will be difficult to get onto the penis comfortably in the first place but it is also more likely to tear and reduce the sensation the wearer receives. On the other hand, if the condom is too big then it is likely to slip off during sex. Eeek. Plus, it will look kind of weird and saggy which is not very conducive to a super hot sex session. So get out the measuring tape in advance and figure out the right size so it is smooth sailing in the heat of the moment.

Get wet before you get wild

And that means lube, lube, and more lube. I can’t stress enough how important lubricant is when it comes to safe sex with a condom. And it really is one of the easiest ways to keep things rolling smoothly and making the whole session a whole lot more enjoyable. Almost all instances of a condom breaking are due to a lack of lubrication. Don’t be fooled by a condom package stating that it is already lubricated. It is, but it is not enough to ensure a pleasurable and safe ride. Do yourself a favour and add more. A lot more.

Another great thing about lubricant is that it reduces the friction that is often associated with condom use, whilst increasing sensitivity by allowing the condoms to glide softly over the skin. Just remember to stick to water-based or silicone lube as anything oil based will break down latex condoms making them pointless. Of course, you can always make things even sexier by grabbing a flavoured lubricant and making oral sex seriously delicious. I highly recommend the dessert range by System Jo if you like chocolate and sweetness as they taste just like the real thing. You can literally get almost any flavour in the world in a lubricant now, bacon included, so there really is something to suit all tastes. Tastes so good, you will never want to stop.

Find a sexier condom

There are flavoured condoms too if that is more your style than a flavoured lube. These are perfect for oral sex and will often be coloured to match the flavour, which is totally fun too! Nothing sexier than a man with a blue penis right! Right? Plus, nowadays they are made of much better tasting materials than they used to be so you don’t need to be concerned about a latex or chemical aftertaste. If you want to further stimulate during penetrative sex, then grab a textured condom and make things interesting that way. Textured condoms will seriously help the receiver to orgasm, if this is something that they struggle with, by offering more sensation and stimulation while the wearer thrusts in and out. Trust me, they can actually make a world of difference to your play.

And, if you like a drawn-out playtime then grab a prolonging condom and go all night long! This type of condom will use a numbing lubricant inside the condom to numb the skin of the penis a little bit and slow things down. This is perfect for long sexy sessions, or for those that struggle with getting a bit overexcited. Just be wary of what they use as the numbing agent. A lot of brands use benzocaine, which is actually medical grade and is seriously, seriously good at numbing. So, make sure no other body parts touch that area until it has absorbed properly into the skin unless you want some numb fingers or a numb tongue.

Make putting on the condom part of foreplay

Putting on a condom doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Use it as a teasing toy and make the whole process into something sexy and erotic. Instead of just chucking it to him and letting him put it on himself while you loll about looking gorgeous, get involved and do it together. Get him to pinch the air out of the top while you use both hands to slowly roll it down the shaft, and don’t forget to keep up the flirty eye contact while you do this, or keep up the kissing! Or, if you can, put it on using your mouth to roll it down the shaft. Just be wary of your teeth and make sure you don’t cause any tears. Carefully, cover your teeth with your lips, pop the condom in your mouth with the nipple part facing inwards, pop your mouth against the head of the penis and slowly use your lips to slide the condom down. If you can’t get all the way down, then just unroll the rest of the length with your hands.

Spice things up with a sex toy

Want to really make things sexy? Add a couple’s sex toy into the mix and make your safe sex super hot. I highly recommend a vibrating cock ring to add some extra sensation for both partners. You can flip the vibrating portion to stimulate either the clitoris or pop it underneath the male’s testicles to provide added sensation there. No more complaints about a lack of sensation from the condom!

Bonus Tip

If your partner is struggling with a lack of sensation, then add a few drops of lubricant inside the condom when he puts it on. Not too much as it will slip off, but the right amount should add some slippery fun inside the sheath and make it feel more like life for him too.

Always keep in mind that safety is seriously important when it comes to any kind of sexual play and there is no reason that using a condom should result in sex that is anything but super hot! And, to be honest, if you are with a partner that refuses to wear a condom and doesn’t appreciate your safety, then this probably isn’t someone that you should be sleeping with. You deserve better and don’t you forget it.

About the Author: Emma Hewitt

Emma Hewitt
Emma is a writer from Wellington, New Zealand that enjoys writing about the good things in life. Be it relationships, food, adventure, cats or glitter. She has a Bachelor of Communications with a major in Expressive Arts which she put to use for three years marketing sex toys for NZ’s biggest online retailer. Now she shares that knowledge and love for all things pleasurable as a freelance writer. When she’s not writing you can find her drinking prosecco or playing with her darling dog Peaches. Probably both.

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